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Home 1/4" x 2 1/4" Sleeve Anchors / Acorn Head / Steel / Zinc (Quantity: 100 pcs)

1/4" x 2 1/4" Sleeve Anchors / Acorn Head / Steel / Zinc (Quantity: 100 pcs)

Availablity: In stock
Acorn Nut
Sleeve Anchors
A nut is tightened, sleeve dilates against substrate
For when decorative finished look is preferred
Threaded Bolt, Sleeve, Nut & Washer / All Steel Zinc Plate

SKU: 589765

In stock
A device for giving stability to one part of a structure by making it fast to another consisting of (A) a threaded stud with a conical end flared outward; (B) a hollow, cylindrical dilating sleeve assembled over the stud and positioned against the minor diameter of the cone; (C) a washer and low-crown cap nut assembled at the end opposite the cone. The anchor works by expanding against the material in which it is embedded. When the flat head is turned clockwise the conical end is pulled into the dilating sleeve pushing it outward 360° around the anchor into the masonry. They are designed to be used in solid or hollow masonry, including cinder block, brick, marble and concrete. One advantage of the sleeve anchor is that it can be removed after it's been installed. Another is that the length of the sleeve induces less stress on the substrate than does a wedge anchor. The acorn nut variety is preferred when a decorative finished look is desired (ie. attaching theater seating to the floor).
More Information
Color Silver
EAN 8945136177733
Material Steel
Size 1/4"
RoHS On Request
Technical File 1 pdf
Technical File 2 pdf
Carton Quantity 100
Unit of Measure Pounds
Drive Style Hex
Finish Zinc
Head Style Acorn Head
Length 2-1/4"
Measurement System Inch
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You're reviewing:1/4" x 2 1/4" Sleeve Anchors / Acorn Head / Steel / Zinc (Quantity: 100 pcs)