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3/16 x 3" Dowel Pins / Alloy Steel / Bright Finish (Quantity: 100 pcs)

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Diameter: 0.187" (3/16")
Length: 3"
This Machine Press Fit Dowel Pin meets ANSI B18.8.2 standard and has a minimum surface hardness of 60 HRC
Diameters machined to 0.0002 inch over the nominal diameter, intended for initial installations
Heat Treated Alloy Steel


In stock
Dowel pins, also known as parallel pins, are machined to tight tolerances (+/- 0.0008 inches) and often used as precise locating devices in machinery. While a wide variety of specifications exists, ANSI B18.8.2 is the most common specification requested in the United States. A solid headless straight pin with a closely controlled diameter. One end is chamfered with the other end radiused to form a crown. Wide variety of uses, including as a plug gage, hinge or shaft. Precise tolerances of dowel pins make them excellent for achieving proper alignment of parts in high-speed assemblies, or as roller bearings in bus/truck wheel housings. Dowel pins are precisely shaped to keep machine type components in pin-point alignment; also used as location guides. Important Note: Dowel pins should be installed by being pressed in, not struck with an impact force.
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Material Steel
Size 3/16
Carton Quantity 100 pcs
Finish Bright Finish
Grade Alloy Steel
Length 3"
Measurement System Inch
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