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Home Bolt Types

Bolts are the type of mechanical fasteners designed with external thread and paired with nuts to be inserted through holes and use to join parts using tightening torque. Bolts need a nut to be functional and the feature makes it different from the screws. The bolts need a drilled hole to be inserted into it.

All fasteners have the same function of joining parts together mechanically. But they differ in type, quality, shape, and material. At Newport Fasteners, you get a full range of stock and custom fasteners that offers durability and high performance. Bolts come in a large variety of heads & thread styles and thus, you must be confident about the type of bolt for your work before buying. Our guide to various bolts and their types will surely help the cause.

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These are the bolts designed to keep the bolt from pulling through and can be used to attach metal to wood. There are two types of carriage bolts as follows –

Standard Carriage Bolts (Square Neck)
These bolts come in square neck style and also some parts are available in short neck options. It features a round head with a square neck under the head, along with machine screw threads. It is designed to prevent the bolt from turning, with the tightening of the nut. The short neck ones are preferred in sheet metal where the standard sized neck might be a problem.

The standard carriage bolt is available in:
1. Steel / Hot Dip Galvanized
2. Steel / Zinc
3. 18-8 Stainless Steel (Short neck in steel / zinc only)
4. Steel / Black Oxide
5. Grade 5 /Zinc
6. Grade 8 / Zinc Yellow

Standard Carriage Bolts (Square Neck)

Carriage Bolt - Ribbed Neck
The type of carriage bolt is having the same head shape as the standard one. The difference is the square shape under the head replaced with vertical ribs slightly wider than the diameter on the bolt. As the nut is tightened or loosened, the ribs prevent the bolt from turning.

The ribbed neck carriage bolt is available in:
1. 18-8 Stainless Steel
2. Grade 5 / Zinc
3. Steel /Zinc

Dowel Screws

Dowel Screws

It is the two-sided fastener, with wood screw type threads and pointed ends. These need to be inserted in a pre-drilled hole and are used in the tightening of two pieces of wood together in a permanent manner. The screws are best used in the furniture industry. The dowel screws are available in Steel / Zinc.

Elevator Bolts

Elevator Bolts

The fasteners have a wide and flat head. It also has a shallow chronic bearing surface, a square neck under the head, and a uniform thread pitch. It is similar to the carriage bolt, but with a differently shaped flat head. It ensures a low profile fastening assistance and is mostly used in conveyor systems, like an elevator. The elevator bolts are available in steel /zinc.

Hanger Bolts

Hanger Bolts

The bolts have a plain center and threaded from both sides. One side is having wood screw type threads and the other is having mechanical screw threads. The design explains its use. The wood thread side is inserted into pre-drilled wood and the other side is attached to a material. These are best used for suspending electrical wiring and sheet metal. The bolts are also famous in the furniture industry. The elevator bolts are available in steel / zinc and 18-8 stainless steel option.

Hex Cap Screws

Hex Cap Screws

It is the most common type of hex head bolt. It has varied options, starting at 1/4" diameters and goes up to 1/2" diameters. The length can be up to 16". The bolt comes partially-threaded and our selection includes metric sizes also.

The hex cap screws are available in:

1. Silicon Bronze
2. 316 Stainless Steel
3. 18-8 Stainless Steel
4. Grade 2 / Zinc
5. Grade 2 / Black Oxide
6. Grade 5 / Plain
7. Grade 5 / Zinc
8. Grade 8 /Plain
9. Grade 8 / Zinc Yellow

The metric hex cap screw is available in Grade 8.8 /Zinc and Grade 10.9 Plain.


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Hex Flange / Frame Bolts

Hex Flange / Frame Bolt

The type of bolt is commonly used in the automotive industry and the flange bolts consist of a one-piece indented hex washer head with a flat, flanged bearing surface. The washer gets eliminated by the flange and compensates for misaligned holes. The Hex Flange / Frame Bolt Material is available in Grade 8 / Black Phos and 18-8 Stainless Steel options. The Metric Hex Flange / Frame Bolt Material is available in Grade 8.8 / Plain, Grade 8.8 / Zinc, and Grade 10.9 / Black Phos options.

Hex Machine Bolts

Hex Machine Bolts are offered in Steel with a Hot Dip Galvanized finish

The bolts don't feature a washer face on the bearing surface like the hex cap screws. It has the galvanized finish providing better corrosion resistance than a standard zinc coating. The bolt requires matching nuts to tap the oversize holes. The Hex Machine Bolts come in Steel with a Hot Dip Galvanized finish.

Hex Tap Bolts

Hex Tap Bolt Material

The type of bolts are fully threaded and are used threaded holes. It is also used with a hex nut to create a strong fastening system. These are used in drilled and tapped holes that are threaded full length.

The Hex Tap Bolt Material is available in –

1. Grade 5 / Zinc
2. Grade 8 / Plain
3. Grade 8 / Zinc Yellow
4. Steel / Zinc
5. 18-8 Stainless Steel

Lag Bolts

Lag Bolt Material

It features a hex head and a gimlet point with spaced threads. These are generally used in pre-drilled holes in wood or with lag screw shields in different materials. The bolts are available in various styles like high-profile, hex-flange, and acoustical eye styles.

The lag taps are available in the following options –

1. Steel / Zinc
2. Steel / Hot Dip Galvanized
3. Steel / Black Oxide
4. Steel / Plain
5. 18-8 Stainless Steel

Plow Bolts

Plow Bolt Material

It features a flat head, a square neck, and a machine screw threading. The bolts are used in heavy-duty equipment that requires a smooth head surface. The Plow bolts are available in Grade 5 /Plain, Grade 5 / Zinc, and Grade 10 / Plain finishes.

Slotted Flat Head Cap Screws

Slotted Flat Head Cap Screws

The type of screws are best used in tolerance machinery and the countersunk heads allow for superior head clearance. The Slotted Flat Head Cap screws are available in Steel / Zinc finish.

Square Head Machine Bolts

Square Head Machine Bolts

These are combined with square nuts or hex nuts for better bearing surface and wrenching. It is available in steel and plain finish.

Step Bolts

Step Bolts

It has a wide & slightly rounded head and a square neck. The bolts are best used in the large bearing surface that needs to be combined with a low profile head. It is similar to a carriage bolt in the bearing surface & neck but has a wider head. They are used in the wood & furniture industry where it is bolted down as decking. The Step bolts are available in steel / zinc finish.

Structural Bolts

Structural Bolt Material

The bolts are used on structural steel joints in heavy construction. They are also head treated. The bearing surface is flat and is used in structural steel joints. The Structural bolts are available in A325 (Medium Carbon Steel / Plain) and A325 (Medium Carbon Steel / Hot Dip Galvanized) finish.

Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod

Externally threaded and headless, we offer threaded rod in diameters from 1/2" - 1", and in lengths up to 7".

Threaded Rod is offered in Grade B7 Steel with a Plain Finish.

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