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  1. Socket Jam Screw, 8-32 x 7/64", Alloy Steel, Black Oxide, Hex Socket (Quantity: 100)
    Socket Jam Screw, 8-32 x 7/64", Alloy Steel, Black Oxide, Hex Socket (Quantity: 100)
    Thread: Coarse / Thread / Alloy Steel / Black Oxide
    Recommended Hex Socket Allen Key Wrench: 5/64 (Inch)
    Thread Diameter-Pitch: 8-32, Length: 7/64"
    Recommended Hex Socket (Allen Wrench) Size: 5/64 (Inch)
    Availablity: In stock
    Quantity: 100 (0.8999/each)
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Buy sockets in a myriad of styles and sizes

Whenever there’s limited clearance for a wrench, there’s the need for specialized sockets. The great news? You can snap up all of them in one place! Newport Fasteners is your #1 sockets supplier committed to bringing the largest inventory of screws that allow for high tensile strength and driving when other hardware fails. They can be used for virtually all applications starved for space, including clamping, machining, and assembly, to name a few.

What makes our inventory the most extensive is that we stock wholesale sockets in mass quantities and various types. Whether you’re looking to purchase button head or headless screws, with cup points or coned, Newport Fasteners has got your back. We carry sockets in so many sizes, drive styles, point options, finishes, and materials that you will be spoiled for choice.

What types of socket screws make our assortment?

Before choosing sockets, ask yourself what you’re about to use them for in the first place. Once you’re sure about your screwing needs, browse our catalog:

  • Hex keys. When it comes to driving hexagonal bolts or screws, these are your best bet. With the hex-shaped tips, they are must-have tools for easier tightening.

  • Socket cap screws. Of all sockets, these are arguably the most sought-after ones. They offer a reliable hold in assemblies, machine parts, and other limited-clearance applications.

  • Set screws. These headless fasteners are ideal for inter-object connection. They come in a plethora of point styles to secure rotating items in place.

  • Shoulder screws. You may want to buy socket screws of this type to ensure that your attached parts can easily rotate. Their cylindrical shoulders allow for smoother sliding.

  • Socket pipe plugs. If you need to cover the tips of fittings while ensuring better tightening, be sure to choose these fasteners.

Have you come here to get thousands of pieces? Rest assured that no order is too large for us. You’re welcome to navigate through our website and buy sockets online in a click or two. Select your desired quantity, and we’ll supply it.

If you don’t need wholesale socket screws in bulk, do not worry. We’re also ready to fulfill small orders to ensure that you always have just the right number of fasteners at your fingertips. However, when you’re not going big, keep in mind that you may not qualify for free shipping. It’s only available for orders over $25.