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The screw drive is the tool to turn the nuts and bolts. You get here the top quality screw drives for all kinds of screws and bolts. We can deliver you the hardware in as many quantities you need for the business.
There are multiple kinds of screw drives and here you can know about the most useful & used ones. The hardware is for turning the screws into its place for tightening or loosening the screws from the place.
There are various fastener drive styles used for different applications, depending on the type of screw head you are using. Here are some of the most widely used types –

Arguably, the most common type of screw drive is Phillips head.Phillips screw heads were designed to cam-out the screw driver. Cam-out refers to the process in which screw driver slips out of the head once the torque is needed to drive the screw exceeds a certain amount to avoid overtightening. It is characterized by tapered flanks, rounded corners, and a pointed tip. It was introduced initially to improve the quality of the performance of the driver.

Also known as a flat head, a slotted drive lives up to its namesake by supporting the use of a flat-head screwdriverIt has a single slot in its head and is driven by a flat-bladed screwdriver. The design is characterized by a single line running through the middle of the head, into which a flat-bladed screwdriver fits.

It is the combination of a slotted and a phillip drive. Also, other combinations are used at times like phillips & square drive, or a phillip & hex drive.

This drive has many names from Internal Hex Socket to Allen Drive to Socket Drive. It contains a hex-shaped internal socket that is used for tightening and loosening with a hex key or allen wrench. The screws of different sizes need different hex keys and it is advised to use spec sheets to find the correct drive.

It is a six-point screw drive used for hex screws. The head style can be driven with a wrench or with 6 or 12 point sockets.

It is similar to a hex head but does contain an attached washer shaped flange at the bottom of the head. Some of the hex heads are available combining the slotted or phillips drive.

It is an eight-point contact used for improving the contact of the screw driver to the head. It is distinguished by a set of radical indentations and both are easily interchangeable. It causes significant damage when used incorrectly.

It is also known as the Robertson drive or Scrulox drive and is characterized by a square-shaped socket in the screw head. It was introduced to make the screws more practical through the cold forming of the head. It is best used in carpentry and construction. The square drive is characterized by square-shaped ridges on the head. It's slightly tapered, allowing for easy installation.

The hexalobular socket drive (six-lobe), or what's more commonly known as the Torx© drive, features star-shaped ridges on the head. The head essentially has six ridges with rounded points. The Torx© drive was created to increase torque. Thanks to its star-shaped head, it provides an exceptional amount of torque during installation. Six Lobe screws are often used during the production of computer components and other electronics. It has 6 pointed star shape and is a competitor to Phillip drive. The different sized screw needs different drivers and our specs sheet will be crucial in getting the right hardware.

It is also known as a hammer screw drive and is set in the properly sized pilot hole. After setting, it is driven into place with a hammer. The threads of the screw turn during the hit and that creat faster action.



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