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Items 1-20 of 32651


Newport Fasteners – your trustedscrew supplier

Modern constructions, various complex devices, and mechanisms cannot be put together without using at least a pair of screws to hold the components together. In some cases, screws are replaced by bolts or rivets, but the concept remains the same. Detachable joints are the best choice to put together a solid high strength build that could be disassembled whenever you need it. Our company is a dedicated supplier of top-quality screws, bolts, and other fasteners produced in the USA and imported from other regions outside of the country. Diversity of choice, reliability, and fair prices that is what we’re all about. So, if you want to get nothing but the best quality for a reasonable price,buy screws from our reliable store. We’re famed for the best client-oriented service, second-to-none merchandise, and prompt worldwide delivery. 

Save your money –buy screws in bulk

No one gets screws in small batches. When you’re building something, you will need a lot of them. It doesn’t matter whether you need screws to construct something or for your production facility or a big construction site, with us you will be able to get as much of them as you need. We sell top-notchscrews in bulk to save your funds and precious time. 

Shopping at our store, you'll be surprised by the quality of the products we sell as well the prices. Here at Newport Fasteners, we aim at providing our clients with the durable screws made of steel or stainless steel and have a zinc plating. You can use them for a variety of purposes, not worrying about their quality. The screws we sell are the most sought-after products out there as people do not need some special skills or knowledge to work with them. One can quickly and simply joint almost anything with them. All constructs that were assembled correctly with our screws will serve for decades, and you won’t have any problems with dismantling them when the time comes.Order screws online and check it by yourself.     

Our vast catalog contains thousands of positions, including: 

  • deck screws

  • drywall screws

  • machine screws

  • self-tapping, self-piercing, and self-drilling screws

  • thread-cutting and thread-forming screws

  • wood screws, and more

If you get lost in our countlesswholesale screws offerings, feel free tocontact our managers and ask for help! They will gladly give you a word of advice and recommend the best type of fasteners for your build.