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Complete your tool kit withself-drilling screws

Joining metal sheets for roofs, fences, or sheds may be a complex task for both a craftsman and a non-professional builder. For that, you need high-quality hardware. At Newport Fasteners, you canbuy self-drilling screws that are durable and built to last. They will save your time and money on repair works, which is a pleasing advantage. Be ready to finish what you’re currently doing fast and without crashes.

We’re a tried-and-trueself-drilling screw supplier that doesn’t cut corners on production as we want your job to be done to the best extent. We’ll satisfy all your fastening needs.Our comprehensive range is packed with screws of different sizes, length, drive, and head styles. With no additional pilot hole making, your joinery is now bound to be much easier.

First-gradestainless steel self-drilling screws and much more

Do you have a repair project looming on the horizon? We’ve got you covered. On our website, you can grab screws without worries about their resistance capabilities. Our selection is brimming with point varieties that are numbered from 1 to 5. Select what your project calls for cutting through assembled sections.

What’s more, our product line features many finishes: 

  • green ceramic

  • plain

  • zinc

  • black oxide, and loads of others

Self-drilling screws from Newport Fasteners are designed for high piercing performance and require only a power drill to turn them into. You’re unlikely to see piles of chips: with our stuff, they will be kept to a minimum.

There’s no need to go all the way down to a building materials market. You can stock up on your sought-after hardware from the comfort of your home. If you’re searching forself-drilling screws, online shopping with Newport Fasteners will be your perfect chance to get the best joinery products for less!